Moonlit Sun Face Reveal?!?! (Read description OR pinned comment)

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A face reveal? And a voice reveal(ish)?! (Because Moon has voice twice on this channel and in so much more Productions for others.)

1. APRIL FOOLS SUCKER MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Did we get you? (Tell us in the comments)
2. Sorry for the mistakes, this was lazy and finished at Midnight
3. Sunny doesnt like his face AND voice on camera, so his photos were more blurred than Moon's
4. Maybe you may get a video of our unblurred faces someday.

1. Make sure to comment questions for a Q and A video! (With just Moon's voice answering)
2. Make sure to comment any recommendations/suggestions for content you want us to make!

~Regarding the Mic/Voice:~
1. Dont mind any background noises. Moon's aunt's Corgi insisted on sitting on her while she was recording
2. Please dont mind Moon's tired voice in this, it was late at night.
3. If you want to ask Moon to VA (Voice act) in a project, please read this:

???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????, ℙ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????:
~The character's significance (Lead, supporting, minor, etc.)
~The characters full name
~A description/summary of the series/movie
~A description of the character (Appearance, what voice I should use, personality, age, etc.)
~Whether or not the scripts are ready.
~Whether the project is long/short/mid term
~OPTIONAL: Send the YT channel you are planning on posting the project on (So I can see the quality of your work.)
Please Include these or I (Moon) may not get back to you!!

0:37-0:38 = Moon at a photo shoot
0:38-0:39 = Sunny's left leg
0:39-0:41 = Moon walking/Off guard at photo shoot
0:41-0:42 = Sunny in 1st grade
0:42-0:45 = Moon pissed at Sunny
0:44-0:47 = Sunny holding Moon in his arms

I do not own ANY of the audio
"Stereo Hearts"
Version we used:

Social Media:
Discord: ​
Instagram: Moonlit_Sun630
PAGO ID: 317351
Twitter: Moonlit_Sun

Apps Used:
~Gacha Club (OCs)
~Kinemaster (Throwing the video together)
~IbispaintX (All the edits)

Time Taken: 2 hours
Screenshots/Edits/Photos Taken: Estimated 220


If you made it to the end of the description make sure to comment: #moonlight​
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