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Here is the new intro for the channel!
No longer the boring old picture with sound over it!
Let me know what you guys think!

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Head Turner will be your #1 automotive apparel here soon! Do not slouch on these guys as they can make any custom shirt you want on top of already having awesome apparel available! So go check them out guys!

If you would like to buy any MUSTANG parts and not pay typical online prices message me!

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Whats on the car?
- LPF 1500+ Shortblock -
- LPF Custom Tuning -
- LPF 18+ 2000+WHP Fuel System -
- LPF S550 Twin Turbo Kit -
- Custom 4" One Piece Driveshaft
- Eboost2 Boost Controller
- Comp Turbos 6265's
- MSD 2Step
- Baer SS4 Front Drag Brakes -
- Ford Performance by Gfrorce Axles -
- Boundary OPG/CS -
- Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors -
- Weld Racing V Series (Fronts) -
- Weld Racing S70 Beadlocks (Rears) -
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