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This Oud Bath Salt contains a powerful blend of divine scents to invoke high vibrations, attraction, beauty, and the power of manifestation.

Oud oil is also known as the "Scent of the Gods"! This is one of the strongest oils I have ever worked with. It's very powerful, and brings about manifestations very quickly in my experience! Oud oil brings positive attention, you attract good energy and opportunities. You notice good things happening to you. You notice amazing things coming to

I also have ingredients blended into this Oud Bath Salt that are used to bring happiness, success, love, seduction, healing, communication, road opening and more ♥

My Oud Bath salt is charged and awakened with VISHNU AND LAAKSHMI energy. Oud oil in India is sometimes called Garu Garu because it's associated with Garuda, the divine bird who carries Lord Vishnu on his wings.

???? OUD OIL ::
♥ Vibration of High Status
♥ "Scent of God"
♥ Brings good luck and Positive Energy
♥ Calming
♥ supreme aphrodisiac incense ingredient
♥ Removes negative energy
♥ Manifestation and Attraction
♥ Reduces fear
♥ Helps remove energetic blocks
♥ Enlightenment
♥ Used for meditation
♥ Helps open the Third Eye
♥ Brings mental clarity
♥ Increase willpower
♥ Confidence
♥ Inner Strength
♥ Luxurious Oil

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