(Nothing but) Flowers at KARMA

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James Kalm has decided to publish this video program as a token of appreciation for the loyalty of his worldwide audience on this, the final weekend of Summer 2020. “(Nothing but) Flowers” at KARMA is a humongous group show which only loosely restricts the subject matter to works based on “flora”. Carrying on a multi-millennial long tradition of still-life, this show presents some of todays most recognized painters, paired with accomplished stalwarts of the “New York School” and “outsiders”. Featuring the works of 59 artists, some of the most noteworthy are: Ed Baynard, Nell Blaine, Cecily Brown, Charles Burchfield, Matt Connors, Lois Dodd, Peter Doig, Nicole Eisenman, Ida Ekblad, Alex Katz, Karen Kilimnik, Richard Pettibone, Elizabeth Peyton, Amy Sillman, and Lisa Yuskavage. A musical introduction is provided by Justin King. This program was recorded September 4, 2020
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