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Our Story So Far and Our Intro Song (Sung by Mother ) 2020 :

We are sharing with you our intro background music. This song 'Bwisw ' is sung by my mother in law (Bimala Baro) and Mukhthangsa. We are also uploading a story of our life so far through photographs.

Hope you enjoyed it.

खुलुमबाय लोगोफोर ????

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We are bodo youtubers from Udalguri, Assam, a North Eastern State of India, currently living in New Delhi. We love to cook, eat and travel. We will be sharing some moment of our life with you all. Hope you enjoy it.

We speak Bodo, Hindi, English & Assamese.

Lets learn, smile & grow together. If you like our videos, don't forget to subscribe.

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