Paneer Biryani प्रेसर कुकरमा पनीर बिरयानी Instant Pot Recipe @Aryal's Kitchen

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✨One-Pot One-Shot Using Instant Pot✨
Paneer Biryani an InstantPot. Delicious and simply easy to make Paneer Biryani. Watch the video to learn how it can be made without a hassle using an Instant Pot. Don't have an Instant Pot? Very easy to make in a regular pressure cooker as well!
Biryani is probably my family's second-most favourite dish after MO:MO. Why should it not be? Each spoon full bite is infused with balanced whole spices and a bold finish with garam masala. Aromatic and delicious in taste! ▶️ Full VIDEO LINK:
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Paneer Biryani Instant Pot Recipe
प्रेस्सर कुकरमा पनीर बिरयानी
Paneer Biryani in Pressure Cooker
One-Pot One-Shot Using Instant Pot

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