Power Automate Desktop for Windows 10 Intro

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Have you heard the news? Power Automate Desktop is now FREE for Windows 10 users! ????

In this introductory video I will walk you through what Power Automate is, discuss the differences in desktop vs cloud flows, talk about the costs associated, use cases and of course we will walk through how to install and build your first desktop flow!

Read more about Power Automate Desktop here:

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Intro
00:37 - What is Power Automate Desktop?
03:15 - Power Automate Desktop Cost
04:53 - Attended vs Unattended Flows
05:35 - Use Cases
07:20 - Free Installation
09:44 - Create a Desktop Flow
18:03 - Outro

*Music written and performed by Albert Mongillo:
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