Prank Food - Roast Pork Belly Shaped Jelly Cake ASMR [Subtitles] HNC Kitchen

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When sometimes you wanna eat vegetarian, especially in July the ghost month of Lunar Calendar, but you are so much the meat eater. No problem. Just make this Roasted Pork Belly Shaped Jelly Cake. It is very easy to make with some simple ingredients and steps. You can prank your family also :D

Fat Layer:
250 gr tapioca starch
85 gr rice flour
240 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
400 ml coconut milk
430 ml warm water

Skin Layer:
150 gr fat layer batter
40 gr tapioca pearl
1 tbs tapioca starch
Food colour

Meat layer : Taro

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Title translation:
1. Prank Food - Roast Pork Belly Shaped Jelly Cake
2. Kue Jelly Berbentuk Babi Panggang
3. เค้กวุ้นรูปหมูย่าง
4. 烤豬肉果凍蛋糕
5. 구운 돼지 고기 모양의 젤리 케이크
6. ローストポーク型のゼリーケーキ
7. كعكة جيلي على شكل لحم الخنزير المشوي
8. Желейный торт в форме жареной свинины
9. Gâteau à la gelée en forme de porc rôti
10. Pastel de gelatina con forma de cerdo asado
11. Hoảng Hốt Món Thạch Tạo Hình Heo Quay Giòn Bì Y Như Thật
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