Qld border wall to ‘make it tougher’ on those doing the right thing

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A 700 metre long wall built across Coolangatta at the Queensland and NSW border is “making it even tougher” for the hundreds of thousands of people doing the right thing according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Queensland is introducing tough new measures at the border to prevent visitors from illegally crossing into the state.

The Gold Coast City Council erected a 700 metre water barricade through backstreets on the Queensland – New South Wales border in an effort to stop people avoiding checkpoints and crossing the border illegally.

Ms Markson said the “massive” wall aims to “stop checkpoint dodgers illegally entering” but is in fact making it tougher on those doing the right thing.

Ms Markson spoke with the LNP MP for Currumbin who said people "are being prevented from going about their daily lives".

Image: News Corp Australia
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