Rainbow "Broken Glass" Jello (read description before making)

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Colourful and delicious, this jello dessert is a bit time consuming to make but very appealing to the eye. ** Please READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX for important recipe information omitted in the video, click on show more***

I suppose you could also call this stained glass window jello too, don't you think?

Found this on a website here:

6 packages jello powder (3 oz packages/ 85g) (or whatever colours and flavours you want to use.
Boiling water
2 envelopes unflavoured gelatin ( 1/2 oz total or 14 g)
1 can sweetened condensed milk (10 to 14 oz)
If you can't find sweetened condensed milk, you can make your own.

Blend one cup of boiling water with one packet of jello powder in a small container and stir until powder is dissolved. Repeat for the other 5 colours of jello.
Place the 6 containers of jello in the refrigerator and chill until firmly set.

Unmold the jello by dipping the bottom of the container with the set jello in a larger container of hot water for a few seconds. Invert the container and gently pry the edges of the jello away from the sides of the container allowing air to get in between. The jello piece should come out easily, if it doesn't dip the container again.
Cut the jello into small cubes.
Sprinkle the jello cubes evenly into the bottom of a 13"x 9" pan.

In a bowl blend together 2 cups of boiling water and 2 envelopes of gelatin. Stir until dissolved.
****LET THIS MIXTURE COOL UNTIL IT IS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE**** Forgot to mention this in the video :(
Stir in the sweetened condensed milk and pour over the jello pieces.

Refrigerate the pan for several hours until chilled and set.
Cut into squares and serve :)
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