Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

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Rama Rama Krishna Krishan Full Length Movie Description : RRKK starts off in Mumbai with a daylight murder of a brother of Powar, an evil Don, by Arjun who is a good don. An exact description of the character would be like Rajinikanth in Baasha. Shades of that particular character has been spotted in many movies before. Senior artist Arjun is 'Ashok Deva', a Don who does all the good things. (We've seen this for the Nth time) Arjun's wife Gracy Singh (Gauthami) wants Arjun to stop his activities and live in peace with his sisters -- Priya( Priya Anand) and Sirisha. On Gauthami's birthday, in an attempt to kill Arjun, she falls prey to the villain's gun. Remembering his wife's last wish, he leaves the violence. They flee to a Gandhipuram village in West Godavari and here is where our hero's introduced in the clichéd way.
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