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Hello everyone! Once again,this video is inspired by Dreamy_Chan and make sure you go check out their amazing channel! They work hard on their videos and not just me! ^^

Dreamy_Chan's channel:

Anyways,just a small announcement that it might take longer for me to upload videos now since ,my school will be open in 4 days which is at 5 April will take longer for me to upload videos. :)

Note: no,i didn't forget about ,is just i don't have room for him. :,D

Oh and also please ignore Ink's behaviour,i'm just trying to make him act canon. TwT

Come join my server! Here's the link! :D

Total Screenshots: 255.

Apps used:

•Gacha Club.
•IbisPaint X.

Audio used:
Sans AUs Bad Apple -

Sans AUs used in this video:

King!Sans (StoryShift) by voltrathelivey
Murder!Sans by Ask-DustTale
Horror!Sans by Apple-Sour-Studio
Ink!Sans by Comyet/Myebi
Dance!Sans (DanceTale) by Teandstar
Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara by Jakai/Jael Penaloza
Nightmare!Sans by JokuBlog

Error AUs used in this video (the AUs is in order):

OG!Error by Crayon Queen
DS!Error (DreamSwap) by Onebizarrekai
Horror!Error by (i don't know. :,D i tried searching for it but the page refuse to load-)
Silence (AccidentVerse) by bd8saku,jasisbest and lord-of-dust
Error404 by SHADIKAL15
NAJ!Error (Nerd And Jock) by Thegreatrouge/Rouge
Erros (Reaper!Error/Errosion) by !error (tumblr)
Fatal_Error by Xedramon
WOW!Error (Wings Of War) by creepypso ()(tumblr)
Saphrophyte (DivertVerse) by Chatter_Yen ()(YouTube)
Fell!Error by !Fell_Sans (i couldn't find the original creator his wiki instead.)
G!Error404 by (there's no results about G!Error404 on google,sorry.)
G!Error by Miya-sheep
Template!Error by
Fallacy (VampireVerse) by TheGreatRouge (Tumblr)(couldn't copy the link.)
CQ!Error (Momma CQ) by Crayon Queen
Anti-Error by (Tumblr)
Lust!Error by (Tumblr)
FlowerFell!Error by (i can't find it.)
Outer!Error by (i can't find it.)
MV!Error (MafiaVerse) by Ari Neko Chan ()(YouTube)
Spider!Error (MinusculeTale) by (Instagram)
Murder!Error by (i can't find it. :,))
EV!Error (EmpireVerse) by Lunnar-Chan (Tumblr)(i can't copy the link for some reasons.)
BlueBerror by Crayon Queen/Loverofpiggies
Erratum (Fgod!Error) by harrish6 (Wattpad)(I couldn't copy the link.)
Reboot (SwapVerse) by (i don't know. :,D i tried searching for it but the page refuse to load-)
Exemplum (Jellyfish!Error) by
Fresh!Error by Undertale AU Community
Oversight (MergeTale) by me (The Foxys 123)

Another note: the credits might be wrong.
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