Second Interview Tips, Simulation and Training - Mock Interview

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Second Job Interview Tips, Simulation and Training - Mock Interview. Prepare a Second Stage Video Interview, step by step 2nd interview simulation. This mock interview will help you prepare your video interviews and your in-person job interviews. It will also serve you as a part of your job interview training. You have already passed the first interview with the company, at least your first mock interview with me:
This job interview training is more productive if you consider this:
1. You are now being seriously considered for the role, after a successful first interview.
2. Prepare the way you would prepare for your ACTUAL 2nd interview: Bring your notes and dress up accordingly
3. If you are not satisfied with your response, you can always pause and rewatch the questions to improve your interview answers.
This second practice interview will contain questions which are more specific and you’ll be given 1 minute to answer each question. To start with, could you please remind me again:
Why should we hire you and not someone else? Why should we give this job to YOU over other candidates?
Imagine we hire you for the job. What is the first thing you are planning to do in this role?
Which part of your background and experience would suit this role the most?
Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work. What exactly happened and how did you handle it?
What is the management style you feel more comfortable with? Either while being part of the team or while leading a team.
Is there anything you want to revisit from your first interview? Please, let me know.

I am Marat from Emmotion, , Recruitment and Career Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn. On this channel I train and coach you to ace your job interviews fast, to gain confidence as a professional and learn how to deal with corporate politics, being a better person yourself first.

Here you will find best job interview and career tips. What to say to impress the recruiters and the hiring managers and to get the desired job, to look confident through the interview process and understand the company's work environment. Aside from your job search, career tips and job interview questions and answers, learn to focus on positive aspects of life and say stop to the negative and toxic thoughts.

Help and guidance for job interviews with and without job experience, for experienced professionals and project managers, recent graduates or students, adaptable generic examples. Learn to sell yourself during the job interviews, the key is knowing why are you the best fit for the role, your strengths and your weaknesses, and being honest. EMMOTION by Marat is designed to inspire you to be the best you in different aspects of your life, including career and professional identity.


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