Sew, or buy a sustainable, eco-friendly face masks | Safe for you and the planet!

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In this video, I will show you how easily you can sew or buy a sustainable, eco-friendly face mask that is safe for you and our planet! Not only are these new face mask designs eco-friendly, sustainable, great for those with sensitive skin, but they're 100% biodegradable, which is safe for you and our glorious planet!

You will be shocked to learn exactly how many face masks are throw away daily and the unimaginable impact it is having on our planet! We all need to become proactive and make wiser, more sustainable choices when shopping or even sewing a face mask! Many fabric masks have sustainability issues, and we will discuss this in detail too!

When this all began back in March 2020, none of us thought that we'd be wearing face masks still one year later - did you? Yet, here we are! Not only are we asked to wear them in public, but some officials are also asking us to wear two masks! The pure quantity of polypropylene face masks thrown away every day - and the limited shelf life of fabric masks that are not being repurposed or recycled creates a very unhealthy, unsustainable element for our planet. Honestly, it makes me want to scream because I know that billion worldwide and few have noticed or recognized the sustainability issue.

I wrote a blog on this, with many references, facts, and stats. Most of them are shared in this video, and they're shocking, disheartening - and yet they are the facts none-the-less. We can no longer deny the impact that COVID-19 has on our planet. The need for a collective consensus and a movement towards lessening the footprint we're leaving on the planet in its wake is undeniable.

I hope that this video inspires you to be apart of that movement. Whether you sew or are a shopper, your choices today will have a lasting impact on earth for several generations to come. Today, I'm sharing some great alternatives - face mask buyer or sew angel to move you towards becoming part of the movement towards a sustainable solution. This issue has had a global effect and needs a global collective awareness to invoke a change. I hope you will join me!

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My Blog to learn more:

Click here to get your gift, my sewing angels!

My patterns:

Pattern #1
Pleated Mask with Nose Bridge or Nose Wire

Pattern #2
Pleated Mask with Nose Bridge Panel

Pattern #3
Knit Mask with 100% Organic Filters

To buy an eco-friendly face mask:

Jersey Knit Mask w/filters

Organic Pleated Mask with nose panel or removable nose wire:

0:00 Opening Data
1:32 Dawn's Intro
1:58 Surprise gift for my sewing peeps!
2:06 History, Stats, and Facts everyone should know!
4:36 Mask #1
6:20 Mask #2
7:31 Mask #3
10:18 Surprise Gift!
11:45 Dawn's Summary

Links to the good stuff here!

Fabrics & supplies for the jersey mask:

Jersey Mask body buy (CA-KL2-BLK) or (CA-KL2 Natural) shop here

Pleated Mask buy CT-Sheet 120" wide 80/20% blend

Organic Muslin/Hemp lining fabric buy: (CT-M4)

Natural batting:

Earloops & neck loop buy: (CA-KL2-BLK) or (CA-KL2 Natural) shop here

Wood pony beads:


Cut cutting mat, wheel, ruler


Ballpoint straight-pins

Dritz turner

Tailor's chalk

Pleated Mask fabrics, tools, and supply links!

Buy this textile (CT-Sheet1), here:

Earloops & neck loops buy, (CA-KL2-BLK) or (CA-KL2 Natural)

Wood pony beads:

Microtex sewing needle

Pinking shears

Bias Tape Maker

Nose Wires

Wood Pony Beads

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