Sew-To-Fit LIVE-Stream YT - 9/12/2020- Patterns and Sewing Room Organization with TIME STAMPS

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Hello Sew-Fitters, Thanks for checking in to the
Today's LIVE-Stream YT we will be organizing my patterns.  Bring your ideas to help me with the different categories and possible organization techniques.  

**Fabric organization:
**Sewing Room Disaster:
**Studio Update and Organization:
**Sewing Room Tour: Blog Post:
**Sew & Chat Live-stream YT: Lekala Knit top.
**Sew & Chat LIVE-Stream YT 1/31/2020- BurdaStyle 10/2018 #112-
Waterfall viscose blouse.
**How to sew an Invisible Zipper- (Sewing Trousers/pants)
**Drafting a Trumpet Skirt.

Plastic storage containers:
9x6 envelopes:
Sterlite plastic storage bins:
ScanSnap Fitjisu:

00:00 Welcome and video Goals
02:13- Plans and current project setup description for organizing the patterns
01:57- Resources available and related blog post plus current challenges.
02:45- Styles of organization and your own personal function and understanding not based on others.
03:19- Current burdastyle magazines and big four pattern storage currently used.
05:15- Burdastyle binder and how they are organized in archived sorted to 2012, goals for moving forward
08:51- Flickr, scanning and And current binder situaltion
11:12- My Current expection process and request for your suggestions. And re aligining the envelopes with original pattern and how to use scansnap
16:04- Selling and displaying the ScanSnap scanner for sale

17:17-Request for viewer suggestions and input. What next? Printing and creating binders, my reason for so many patterns. Comment reviews for organizing ideas
22:10 Different catagories in regular pattern books and choosing pattern organization sections for sorting by the categories in U-Haul boxe idea.
33:06 What is TRELLO and demo of the system, and Iphone storage, texting organization. Attataching ideas to cards and boards for later use
38:50 Voting for project fabric and steps for listing checklist

TRELLO WORK and Categories
40:51 Creating a board for Pattern Inventory and setup for which pattern to adding categories for that board and adding patterns
48:50- Specialty childrens patterns: Neur mode inventory, gifts for another seamstress.
53:06 Suggested ways to organize the big four patterns and the independents, how to enter to Trello (scan, picture, or copies)
54:25 Full Trello review and how to use (boxes prep for sorting current patterns.)
01:00:07- TRELLO- VIEWER suggestion for sorting and organizing and ones sewn already. 01:43:41 Creating labels and tags and categories
01:11:20- Creating Labels, attaching cards and list with patterns for cross references.
02:12:45- How to Add online patterns to trello using the internet 02:19:04 choosing a pattern to transfer to the database

HOW TO SETUP: (viewer input and suggestions)
01:26:00- How organize patterns into Envelopes, plans for reorganizing. and computer entry, and how to sort in the computer, physical and binders. (VIEWER SUGGESTIONS AND PROBLEM SOLVING)
01:37:00 - Review of process for direction and what I have now.
01:57:00 -Reordering old process to new process of organizing now that process is determined. Suggestions protecting
01:58:47 Search process (VIEWER SUGGESTIONS)
02:03:25 How BURDASTYLE is organized in binders and scanning the fronts. (Separating and setting up the binders with dividers.

02:13:21 BLOG display for blog hop and blog post details
02:17:52 How to make a cutting table and what size I built mine.
02:26:39 How I setup my sewing room for project production, layout and container store design for vertical storage
02:34:29- NEXT STEPs for next video update on pattern storage

02:42:00-Plans for next video update on organizing patterns
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