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It's happened again: this time a leak for the new 2020 sims 4 game pack, which could release or announce as soon as September. A new game pack icon is appearing on the main menu and spark'd challenge menus, causing speculation that the next sims 4 dlc could be a mountain world, resorts, winter vacation, or even outer space/ occult or Paris. I'll go over the new leak, as well as a tweet from sim guru George hinting at new dlc or a base game update for sims 4 in 2020.
Let me know what you think: what do you make of the hint for a new dlc, and what is on your sims 4 wishlist, both for a game pack on the roadmap and also updates like improved babies, cars, bunkbeds, family gameplay, or occult favorites (for a pack) like werewolves. This pack would follow the launch of both sims 4 nifty knitting and sims 4 eco lifestyle for this year.
Be sure to stay tuned for more sims 4 updates, news, info; as well as paralives news and info.
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