Solo Jennie meme background || give credit || read the description

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Solo Jennie meme background

Feel free to use it just give credit to me and the original

Hi guys so I'm sorry if I still didn't post the 300 subs special video because I'm still not finish on editing it and I'm not allowed to open my phone for a long time because it's holy Don't worry I try to post it next week if I can and I'm almost done of

And I will be inactive starting later until sunday. I don't have choice to follow

About the solo jennie GCMV I'm still working on it but I'm still not progressing on it but I will start continuing working on it on my summer

My parents doesn't allow me to hold my phone for a long time that's why sometimes I can't post a video.

Sorry if the description is so I hope that you all understand me in my situation.


See ya all next ????❤️
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