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VIDEO FAQ HERE V Please. Stop asking these
Q: Will you redo it with Disney's movies? A: No.
Q: Can I reupload it? A: No.
Q: Will you do X in 99 seconds? A: No. This is not my original concept. Ask Jon if you want more.
Q: Will you do more Star Wars? A: Maybe. But I won't do it on "request" or "demand".
Q: Do you like the Disney trilogy? A: No.
Q: Did YouTube Kids disable the comments? A: No. I did. For personal reasons.
Q: Should I comment on your other videos about this video? A: Please, DON'T. Your comment will be deleted.

IT'S FINALLY DONE! I can't believe I didn't have the courage to come up with this sooner. I'm so excited to show this to you guys!
I suppose you could call this the OFFICIAL Star Wars in 99 seconds Animated, because Jon was kind enough to let me license his songs! I can't thank you enough! I can't believe Star Wars is officially ending in just a few

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Why the weird statement at the top? COPPA laws have just gone active. I want to protect my videos from it. This is the only way I can think of doing so right now, aside from marking my videos as 'not for kids' in the settings.
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