Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits - Jamie Harrison (Lesson in Description)

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The lesson includes videos on how to play this song, understanding this style of guitar playing, chords, lyrics, note for note instruction, my studio gear, my microphones, detailed info on my guitar and amp, my thoughts on tone, and tonnes more info.

Here's my version of the Dire Straits classic, Sultans of Swing. I've been asked to do a full version of this for years now, ever since people saw a random little video of me performing this song on the streets of my hometown. I wanted to stay true to the original song with the lead guitar parts, but I wanted to put my own spin on it, so I decided use a 'softer' right-hand pattern for mine since I wasn't playing this with a band, and since this is a much more natural way of playing for me. So there's some slight differences in the rhythm, and of course, I'm using a different pickup than Knopfler. So please, all you purist Knopfler superfans, don't shoot me - my guitar sounded better this way, and I'm not trying to 'be' Mark Knopfler here - this is simply just another version of the great song ;)

Enjoy it, and best of luck on the lesson if you decide to take it! :)
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