Tesla Electric Aircraft To Come & Model Y Brand-New Design At Giga Berlin!

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0:00 Intro: Will Elon Musk make a surprising announcement of Tesla electric aircraft on Tesla battery day? And what about Giga Texas and Giga Berlin construction progress?
0:44 Elon Musk teased the Tesla VTOL electric jet, a vertical take off and landing electric supersonic jet, on plenty of occasions.
4:11 In order to make Tesla Model V Vtol jet, Tesla has to increase battery production capacity and new Tesla battery technology improvements are required to reach higher battery energy density. But Elon is bound to launch either a Tesla electric plane or an electric supersonic VTOL jet under a new brand in the future.
8:25 The fast factory construction progress at Tesla Giga Texas near Austin might let the Tesla Cybertruck already launch in mid 2021.
9:44 Tesla Model Y production is starting at Giga Shanghai in China.
10:15 Elon Musk visited Tesla Giga Berlin and confirmed Tesla Germany factory will also be responsible for Tesla battery production. Moreover, Elon teased that the Giga Berlin built Model Y will employ a brand new car building technology, which will be revealed on the upcoming Tesla battery day.

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