TF2: Escape from Hell (read description)

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Hey folks pt. 2. Got bots going around again, looks like the cheating community is still soopr thorsty for my attention. As with every other spambot, just ignore them. The more you try to call attention & such, the more fun they get out of it. I'll be back eventually. cheers friendos
Welcome to my first (real) video using After Effects! I decided after 4 years to finally take the plunge, and I've truly been missing out, as I'm certain this video will show. I expect to use it in most every project from here on out.

Thanks so much to Raid for sponsoring this video. The game's actually not too bad, which is more than can be said for most mobile games. Feel free to give it a try if you're interested. Or don't, I'm a description box, not a cop.

Songs (In order)
DSi Shop Theme
Kill La Kill OST - Mankanshoku Theatre
Lethal League OST - Scream
Tekken 4 OST - Bit Crusher
Elevator Stanley
Jeddi - Heartbeat

Intro/Outro by Kasplodger

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