The 7 Levels of Board Game Collecting

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We've been seriously collecting board games for more than a couple of years at this point here at Shelfside. Our current combined collection would be really quite shocking to our high school selves, and we wanted to depict the fun progression of how its like to start collecting board games.

There was a time where Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly dominated the conversation, and for quite some years at that. As we got older, like many others, Catan was one of the first games that just utterly gripped our attention, and down the rabbit hole we went. Like really, the Gamecube thing I talk about in this video hits home for our friend group. Target and Barnes and Noble were our go-to as we picked up games like Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and we're sure that the party game Throw Throw Burrito would be a grab if it was around at the time. Of course, spending money on board games is way too tempting and has led to some unopened games. And some games are just expensive, like Food Chain Magnate, Frosthaven/Gloomhaven, and Caverna. This video wouldn't be complete with the behemoth TI3 and the new TI4 as well, which come a little later down the line in the journey. We have yet ourselves to hit the highest level in this video, and that is for sure a personal goal of ours.

This video idea was suggested by Clifford H, one of our Chad tier Patrons!

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Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod

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