"THIS IS MY FATE..." | NB Remake (Voice Acting) + Extra Stuff! - (READ DESCRIPTION!)

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Have fun watching
0:29 Saving Tails (Good ending)
26:25 Finding the error-ring
28:33 Trying to go till Last Void
43:12 Going into Sark's dimension
44:15 Getting killed by Sark
45:26 Sark finds
48:34 Exetior is looking for Tails
49:08 Tails finds Sunky (Easter Egg)
49:33 Wrong direction in Hide And Seek (1)
50:05 Wrong direction in Hide And Seek (2)
50:28 Wrong direction in Hide And Seek (3)
50:49 Tails chooses to accept the deal in PF.
51:09 Exetior catches Tails in Priceless Freedom
52:03 Exetior wins the race
54:02 Exetior loses the race and kills Tails
54:41 Exetior loses the race and Tails escapes
55:56 Exetior lost the race but he surrounded Tails
56:30 Canon ending of the demo
1:05:40 Tails gets the ring with no blood on his fur
1:05:55 Tails gets the ring with blood on his fur
1:06:10 Going from a forbidden way (Desolation Scrap)
1:06:31 Finding the yellow warp ring in YCR
1:08:12 Knuckles' Route
1:17:45 Eggman's Route
1:22:38 Metal Sonic VS Exetior
1:26:48 Cutscene after the battle
1:29:45 Give Up/Not Give Up screens
1:34:49 Tails gets killed by "Sonic" in Hide And Seek Act 1
1:35:28 Knuckles survives
1:36:33 A meme about me
1:36:57 Explaining some stuff
1:40:29 Shitpost number one
1:41:08 Shitpost number two
1:41:19 Shitpost number three
1:42:13 Shitpost number four
1:44:35 What if Metal
1:45:46 Exetior destroys Metal Sonic
1:46:01 Meme review!
1:46:18 Knuckles' stage without my effects
1:55:34 Entering to the new short demo
2:02:35 Landing the tornado
2:02:50 Destroying the capsule
2:03:49 Under water sound effect (Test)
2:05:14 What if
2:06:39 Codes-Solving test
2:10:02 What all of the codes do when being used.
2:10:27 First code gives you +350 lifes
2:11:32 Second codes resets your lifes back to 3.
2:12:22 Third code gives you immortality
2:13:31 Fourth code gives you mortality (back to normal)
2:14:27 Fifth code turns Green Hill into Blood Hill
2:23:39 Tails dies by collecting anti-lifes
2:23:38 Victoria easter egg in Green Hill
2:23:58 Breaking the simulation
2:25:13 Credits
2:28:42 NB Remake Screen
2:28:51 Outro (Updated)
2:29:28 ???

NB Remake on Gamejolt:

From @JaizKoys: "Remake of my first popular game: ": Nightmare Beginning"

⏩ 1) Sark-Laughing-sprite (gif) made by PrimalKoopaPictures
⏩ 2) Chaos-Emerald-Spirit which said "DANGER CLOSE" and etc was voiced by Fabrice Rockman
⏩ 3) MUIK sprites which were used in the intro/outro were made by Jay201 and Eclipsium (Stydex)
⏩ 4) Music which was used in the outro:
⏩ 5) Animal's voice in Desolation Scrap - YuriHaru567
⏩ 6) "???" animation was made by Eclipsium (Stydex)
⏩ 7) Jaiz's head-art - by Triss Vencely

Creator of the game = @JaizKoys
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His channel:

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