Tiff Needell drives the new Porsche 911 Restomod from THEON DESIGN

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Tiff Needell gets a world exclusive first drive of the all new THEON DESIGN restomod Porsche 911.

The new THEON DESIGN Porsche costs from around £300,000 ($397,000 USD) and is based on the 964 version of the 911 that was built between 1989 and 1993 – the same approach as their Californian rivals, Singer Porsche.

The 964 also offers a much stiffer chassis than the SC and the running gear is much further technologically advanced making it a much better starting point.

The donor car’s engine has been bored out to take the capacity from to providing power of 370 horsepower.

Adam Hawley at THEON DESIGN has also upgraded the brakes, suspension and gearbox on this stunning looking restomod, that really does stand out in the crowd. Better still, almost everything can be configured to suit your requirements.

This car was commissioned specifically for its new owner but you can have complete flexibility over what you specify. Perhaps you would prefer a full carbon fibre shell or a different braking setup. Almost anything is possible!

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