Tim Nails It!

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Welcome to the Corona Virus Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

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While the question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin has long been debated, Tim concerns himself with more mundane questions, such as 'how many nails can you balance on the head of a nail?'

This is apparently an old bar trick, which Tim thinks is several centuries old. Tim shows a simple way to balance ten nails on the head of a nail.

He went to a puzzle party, where they showed how a simple piece of wood could be used to hold a nail firmly, with the point upwards. Now you could have a bigger challenge - balancing nails on the point of another nail!

Tim has a friend who reckons he knows how to balance a much larger number of nails, but so far it is just a theory!
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