Tim Returns To The Studio

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After 15 months of lockdown here in the UK, and Tim presenting videos from his kitchen via a web cam, we are at long last back in the studio!

Tim has dressed up for the occasion, in his suit of arms! First of all, Tim gives you a guided tour of the studio. Unfortunately it is quite dark, so it can be hard to see things very clearly, but Tim gives a very good 'audio tour!'

Then it is back to the famous

First, a magic trick that Tim bought from Davenports Magic Shop in London, many years ago. The feathers keep changing colour!

Then an inflatable crown. Every king should have one!

Three umbrellas - the first one shows a dancer, and the opened umbrella becomes her dress; an umbrella that incorporates a party blower at the top; finally, the handle from a normal umbrella that has been attached to a miniature umbrella - perfect for keeping the rain from landing on your wristwatch!

A sheet of US$1 bills. This are real dollar bills, all Tim needs is a pair of scissors!

Finally, an early version of the Endless Spring - a much smaller tube and smaller springs, but the same idea.
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