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The Video explains about most preferred top 5 interior design styles in India. Following are popular and best interior design style in india, Modern interior design style, contemporary interior design style, traditional interior design style, eclectic interior design style, industrial interior design style.
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Identifying the best interior design style is one of the important step in interior design process. If you are consulting for house interiors with one of the best interior designer firms in India, it is always best to tell them about your requirements and inspirations in interior designing style and let them identify a suitable #interior #design #style for you.
Modern interior design - Modern style is an interpretation of design that started in 20th century. Modern #interiors has simple and fuss free concepts. Contemporary Interior Design - Contemporary style is more fluidic, for example it may include curves. Contemporary design styles are something which is constantly evolving with time. Traditional Interior Design - This style reflects historical design elements using natural materials and colors. This design often features dark, rich color design style involves elements like classic decors and antiques from the history. Eclectic Interior Design - Consider eclectic design interior as more like your very own modern art museum. Variety of materials and unrelated furniture units form the foundation of eclectic design. Industrial Interior Design - Many elements in Industrial style will have a sense of unfinished rawness and it is very common to see exposed brick, wood and ductwork. Many of its interior design ideas drawn inspiration from factories and warehouses.

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Modern Interior Design
1:46 Contemporary Interior Design
2:33 Traditional Interior Design
3:12 Eclectic Interior Design
3:38 Industrial Interior Design
4:16 Cost efficient interior designs

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