Tropical Storm Isaias brings Hurricane Gusts To New York City - 8/4/2020

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Tropical Storm Isaias brings hurricane force wind gusts and flooding rains to the south shore of Long Island around Rockaway Beach in New York City, NY.

Shot Description

Shot 1: A man struggles to stay on his feet in hurricane force wind gusts near Rockaway Beach, NY
Shot 2: A man bolts from the boardwalk on Rockaway Beach as torrential rains begin to fall.
Shots 3-4: Barricades fall over in strong winds as one of Isaias' squalls move through on Rockaway Beach.
Shot 5: A man struggles to walk in storm force winds and torrential rains on Rockaway Beach.
Shot 6: A man is unable to stand upright as he holds the door for another person near Rockaway Beach.
Shot 7: A group of people brace themselves in tropical storm force winds on Rockaway Beach Blvd
Shot 8: Debris is strewn down the street near Rockaway Beach, NY
Shots 9-12: Light poles, traffic lights and unsecured objects blowing in powerful winds.
Shot 13: Rough surf at Rockaway Beach, NY
Shot 14: A woman jogging on the boardwalk on Rockaway Beach as another squall moves through.
Shot 15: Flag blowing in the wind.
Shot 16: (Dash Cam) Part of a tree lands on the roof of a car near Jacob Riis Park.
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