Two Girls react to Gojira - The Gift Of Guilt (Live at Brixton Academy, London)

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Hey you guys! I hope you enjoyed this Epic video of Gojira!!! This was an awesome performance to react to and we could definitely tell why you wanted us to react to them! Gojira is an extraordinary band and we enjoyed the performance! We were on the edge of our seat! And we honestly had so much fun watching the video! We got so jealous we couldn't be there to see them live! GOJIRA has KILLER DRUMS! Mia and I could not get enough of them and we loved Joe's vocal range WHILE IN THE LOW TONE! The guitar solos were epic and we loved the riffs! The bass had an amazing bass line and we had such fun time reacting to their playing! Thank you guys so much for suggesting such UNIQUE songs! GOJIRA was highly requested after slipknot and now we know why! If you guys would like to see more GOJIRA on our channel definitely comment down below! And as always, stay safe and stay tuned for upcoming videos! We love you guys!

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