VERY CRISPY LUMPIANG GULAY (Mrs.Galang's Kitchen S12 Ep10)

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Lumpiang Gulay -- our version has an all-vegetable filling. Yes, you can skip the meat, without sacrificing the flavor.

In this video, we give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to cook Lumpiang Gulay -- from preparing your vegetable filling, to wrapping and assembling your lumpia, to properly frying and draining them, so that your filling does not turn too soft and mushy, and the lumpia stays nice and crispy for longer.

Video timeline:
1:11 - 2:26 - Lumpiang Gulay ingredients
2:28 - 11:33 - Cooking your vegetable filling
11:35 - 14:50 - Preparing your vegetable filling before assembling the Lumpiang Gulay
14:51 - 18:26 - How to properly wrap your vegetable lumpia
18:28 - 25:47 - How to properly fry and drain your Lumpiang Gulay so it stays crispy for longer
25:49 - Recap plus more tips from Mrs. G
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