What If LEN BIAS Never Passed Away? I Reset The NBA To 1990 To Find Out | Dethroning Michael Jordan?

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Despite never playing one NBA game due to his untimely death just two days after being selected 2nd overall in the 1986 draft, Len Bias has one of the most storied legacies in the history of basketball, and due to so much unknown about what Bias could have been, his legacy lives on because of the strength of that “What If” scenario. Bias was an incredible prospect, one of the only players who could stand toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan, a good childhood friend of MJ’s, and the man who now people believe would have had much more success with attempting to knock Mike off his pedestal for the entire 1990’s decade. So, with all that being said, in this video thing that you see right up there, I was able to rewind the NBA back to the 1989-90 season, and see how much of an impact Len Bias really could have had throughout his career.


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