What may HELP with Mid-Throttle Oscillations | MTOs (SEE DESCRIPTION)

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Some folks have postulated that: "if a gyro picks up more noise that just means it is more sensitive; isn't that a good thing?" The answer is NO!

More detail --- when you look at the tracking of 'degrees per second' of rotation from both (MPU and ICM) they are the same. That is what the PID loop wants to know. All the other stuff - the micro vibrations ("noise") any gyro picks up - just then needs to be filtered out through the gyro's hardware filter or the software filters in the firmware. That filtering - regardless how fast you do the math (which has more to do with the processor than the sampling rate) adds delay. The delay is inherent to the math functions themselves. That delay is one of the biggest hamstrings for tuning quads for good flight performance.

Remember, we are NOT flying the quad. We are flying the flight controller. The flight controller and firmware are actually flying the quad and making micro-corrections much faster than we ever could; hence why we need them in the first place and the delay between the FC’s detection of rotational rate and the updated commands to the motors needs to be minimized as much as possible. Right now, filtering delay is LITERALLY 1,000x greater than any sampling rate or processor delay (1ms = 1,000us).

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